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    Hot Springs Campground

    Hot Springs Campground in the Boise National Forest Campground hot springs, located on the other side of the seasonally busy Banks-Lowman highway from the aptly named Hot Springs Campground, features one large soaking pool that sits in the base of an old structure. Hot water is piped into the pool Read more [...]

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    Little Anderson Hot Spring

    Little Anderson Hot Spring in Garden Valley Well over a decade ago Little Anderson hot spring was once hailed by hot springers as a stellar soak. The sole pool and surrounding area were kept clean by the locals, and even at one time had a multi-year caretaker from New Zealand. Read more [...]

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    Deep Creek Hot Springs

    Deep Creek Hot Springs in California Adventure into the rain shadowed desert foothills of the San Bernadino Mountains to a cluster of undeveloped hot springs on the Deep Creek fork of the Mojave River. Surrounded by lush vegetation of willows and other various trees, the natural hot springs transport you Read more [...]